…“Make a wish” said the spider. “When you make a wish connected to the web, it always comes true. Did you know that?”…

…"You will see." said goose "You will see. Trust me." So coyote gnawed the tangle of roots off of White Goose's leg and soon she was fancy-free and waddling along the path towards her goslings, who ran out to greet her…


Sometimes, on a new day, spider would accept the day, as it is. He would wake up on the center of the web. He would be well aware of vibes in every direction. He would know who he was, with all vibration and this would greatly ease his mind. His shoes would be off and his feet would feel the grounding of the web upon which he flowed. Here, in the Web-Central, spider had a handle on every golden strand of his connection to all life. He could feel the flow and glow. He could sense the easy depth of his connection.

One day, a petunia, by the name of Sally, came by unexpectedly. She rose from her flower bed and felt spider at work in her petals. Feeling included in the connections of others made Sally very curious. She decided to enquire about spider’s glue and the hue of his web upon her open flower.

“Spider”, she began, “Do you know who I am?”

“Of course I do!” replied spider. “You are the beauty of life presenting at the edge of my understanding. I have always known you!”

“Thank you” said Sally. “I feel your web upon my petals and it intrigues me to know our deeper connection.”

“You, are the red in my green”, said the spider. “You are the turquoise in my orange. We go together in such a complimentary way. I could not imagine my life without your sweet face to connect to. You are a part of the glue that holds my web in place.”

Sally felt what spider talked about through her floral expression. It tickled her deeply to hear about her natural expression in this unique way. It seemed so preposterous and yet, it felt just right and she loved the feeling within her.

Spider spun a tale for Sally that day. It was a tale of magical spinning. It was a yarn to be sure but more than that, it was a continuous thread to Sally’s heart that she understood instantly, even before one word was spoken. It was the heart-understanding of a larger, all inclusive, story that never, ever, ends but keeps on telling itself. It was a story of inner truth that only truth can tell, understand, interpret and appreciate – all at the same time!

Sally stood very still as she took this story in through all of her senses. She knew this story so deeply. It ran through the height, breadth and depth of her. As she listened to this soft story, that was so wise it could tell itself, she began to trust herself as a perfect part of this endless yarn. She recognized her colour and shine. She knew her form and her ever-flowing, formless design as a part of this story that she recognized as essentially herself.

Spider kept on spinning and spinning, as he always did. Sally kept on connecting and connecting to this web that touched her so very deeply, yet she could not say why. In the Now, she did not care or worry about why.

“It just is”, she said. “I know this so certainly within the flow I am.”

“Make a wish” said the spider. “When you make a wish connected to the web, it always comes true. Did you know that?”

“No”, said Sally “but I can feel the truth of your words flow through me and your words are alive with vibration because you are so connected to the web.”

“It is my way”, said the spider. “It has always been my way. Thank you for the wonderful connection, Sally. I feel the flow of your loveliness through my feet and it grounds me to the truth of my foundation, supporting me. I feel at home in this secure setting that you too are so at home in. I know I belong here with you.”

“There will be other days and other natural ways to be sure”, said spider “but I will always remember your truthful connection and your genuine curiosity from within about our connection. Maybe we will meet again and maybe not. I will treasure this time we have shared connected to the web that I have spun to support myself, which is connected to all other life. As I explore all of my connections with curiosity, I will learn about my interconnection with all of life and I will know myself as the endless life story I am, for no part of life does not touch me. I am blessed by every strand of all connection.

When I beat the drum of my own belonging on the web I weave, I know the co-creator I am with all of life. I know this in my heart-mind, for universal knowing is within my heart center and from this point of interconnection, all of my threads are spun through all of eternity and so, Web-Central is a joyful emotion I feel, from within.”


White Goose was leading her goslings down to the pond near her home, when she got her foot tangled in the underbrush. She squawked and honked and hooted until a passing coyote heard her calls and came to investigate the racket. The noise sounded to him like a goose and yet, it seemed to sound like a chicken and owl as well. Coyote hesitated, listened more closely and then, strode forward to see for himself what type of bird was in distress.

Now, White Goose was no ordinary goose. She was very unique! She was the kind of bird who rarely did what was expected of her. She walked her own walk and she talked her own talk. And she taught her goslings to do the same. She knew her name well and it was not Go-Along-With-The-Crowd. It was Pay-Attention-To-What-You-Want. White Goose knew she needed to call loudly for help and so, she did, in every possible way that she could. Her goslings heard her loud, alarming, calls and hid, in the undergrowth.

Coyote approached the goose cautiously, looking left and right, then up and down along the path. He had never heard such strange sounds coming from a goose. He looked more closely to make certain it actually was a goose and could clearly see it was! "Why the strange calls?" asked the coyote?

"Strange!" said goose. "There is nothing at all strange about my calls. I am caught and require assistance. This is my, unique way of asking, in no uncertain terms, for exactly what I require. If I had not expressed the depth of my true feelings, you may not have responded as you did."

"Your unusual cries did make me very curious" said coyote. "I felt a strong need to see for myself where these sounds came from."

"Thank you for coming!" said goose. "Would you please try and untangle my foot? My goslings are waiting for me under those bushes over there."

"Of course" said coyote "What's in it for me?"

"You will see." said goose "You will see. Trust me." So coyote gnawed the tangle of roots off of White Goose's leg and soon she was fancy-free and waddling along the path towards her goslings, who ran out to greet her.

Coyote said: "Wait a minute! You said I would see what was in this for me?"

"You will" said goose, without giving it another thought. "It is beyond words that the worth of a deed, well done, appears. Be patient with yourself and in a moment, you will understand the goodness of your actions. You will see it in the kindness others show to you just as you have been kind to me. You will see it in the way you now know more about who you are. You will see it in the brilliance of each shining star you begin to see. You are a knower and in your deepest knowing, you will see the worth of your kind deeds. Payback comes in unexpected ways and makes your days shine like diamonds and gold. Trust me and you will see. All is well, coyote, all is well."

Coyote loved the sound of what goose was saying. He knew she was not really a silly goose as he had first thought for he sensed the wisdom of her words. He decided to make a new start. He decided to trust the goose and to stay loose, like a goose and to know, in his smart-heart, all would be well.

July 17, 2008
Writing in Sipps Coffee Shop in Kingston Ontario